The Jacaranda Story

In the year 1848, Big Chief Caloosa was yachting along some river in Argentina. Being a good Indian Chief, he would never sleep within the comforts of his modern Hateras sailing vessel, but would set a good example for his braves and sleep along the banks of the river.

The Chief was on this trip because of a lot of bad luck he was having at home on Sanibel Island. The council Chiefs of Sanibel had turned down his recent application for the development of a huge canoe basin, including 150 tepees for tourist rentals (the council has not changed much over the years, although I don't believe there are many Indians left on it), his wife was suing him for divorce and he had lost a lot of money at the dog track in Bonita.

One night as he slept under a tree with beautiful clusters of blue flowers, one of the flower petals dropped on to the tip of his nose and stuck there. When he was awakened by a red ant bite on his big toe, the flower petal sent a powerful surge of positive energy through his body.

He returned immediately to Sanibel and planted a small Jacaranda tree which now stands in our parking lot. Caloosa, now rejuvenated with good luck and spirits was able to get his permit for the canoe basin, made up with his wife and took wagering on Jai-Alai instead of greyhounds (nobody makes money betting on four-legged animals).

So... if you want a change of luck you are welcome to sleep under our Jacaranda tree. You may reserve your spot with our hostess for a nominal fee of $233.97 per night. We will supply the red ants upon request and have one of our trusted employees periodically shake the tree in the event there is no breeze. Who knows... if the flower petal sticks to your nose you may become a millionaire.

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